My poor woodin :(


This was my first attempt at a knitted toy, and it was rather dismal to say the least. It’s from the woodins that featured in Knitty ages ago – it’s pretty easy to find on Knitty or Ravelry.

I may have freestyled it a bit on one of the legs, though I think that was unintentional. It’s hard to remember really, I think this was about a year or more ago.

I have on the other hand now purchased what is possibly the largest bag of stuffing in the world – well, not that large, but still, all I wanted it for was to stuff a few baby rattle type toys and now I have to find somewhere to store this huge bag in my tiny flat. So the stuffing is on its way, and it can join the merry collection of other toys I’ve made since.

Woodins by Anna Hrachovec
Needles: 4.00mm
Yarn: Spotlight 8 ply

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