Knitting on the train – a challenge

I’ve decided to knit a pair of fingerless gloves, although I’m thinking they are probably going to end up more like sleeve extensiions in reality. I’ve never really been any good at the thumb gusset though I’m sure it’s quite easy. I think it’s the same thing that’s deterring me from socks – the ankle bit.

Anyway, so I’m making up my pattern as I go along, casting on 40 stitches with my 3.0mm dpns – and I’m K1, P1 -ing away on the platform waiting for my train, which is of course late again. Still, it gives me a chance to knit and takes my mind off the freezing cold which has all of a sudden started up in the past 2 weeks. I make the transition from the platform to train seat without losing a needle down onto the tracks – a fear of mine, not restricted to knitting needles, but anything really that I could be holding or that could slip out of my bag.

So I sit down – and can I just say that I love travelling against peak hour traffic in Melbourne, where trains are officially considered overcrowded at 798 and yet most mornings carry around the 1200 mark? Sitting on a train in the morning, what a novel concept for most Melbournians 🙂

So I sit, I knit away, and get into that K1, P1 rhythm, and manage to pick up a stitch as I change needles.

And how long does it take me to realise this?

About twenty minutes – by which stage I’ve done about an inch of rib… and have to spend the rest of the trip, and most of the return trip home unpicking 😦

It was a very sad day for my fingerless gloves.


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