Sleeve extensions are DONE!

These sleeve extensions took what felt like ages to make – but I’m pretty happy with them in the end. I think that next time I will try them a little tighter though – I used 40 stitches for these, which sit OK on the wrist, but could probably be a bit more fitted.

Sleeve extensions

Today was so cold I actually wore my gloves underneath the sleeves extensions – am I the only person who does this?

Anyway, the pattern is this:
C0 40 stitches
K1, P1 for about 6cm or really as long as you’d like the wrist area to be. I think if you’re wanting to go up to the elbow you’ll need to find a different pattern that has increases.
Then stockinette for the hand part, up to just short of where you’d like it to finish.
Do K1, P1 rib again for 3 rows, then BO and weave the ends in.

sleeve extensions


4 responses to “Sleeve extensions are DONE!

  1. I want to do these for my 5 year old grandson and being a beginner knitter I’d like to know how to decipher this pattern for a smaller hand/arm?

    • Hi dwillknit! To adjust for a 5yr old, you’d just need to cast on a smaller amount of stitches and probably adjust the length for his smaller arm and hand. At a guess I’d try casting on 26 stitches, and do the rib for a bit and try it on your grandson’s arm, keeping in mind that the ribbing will allow some stretch room, and the first few rows after casting on always seem a bit smaller (width-wise) than they actually are!

      Of course, if he’s not living nearby to try this out on, I’m actually up visiting my family at the moment and will see my 4.5 yr old nephew tomorrow evening, so I can test that theory out for you and give you a better idea of how many stitches and the lengths of the sections.

      Hope this helps!

      • So I’ve measured it on my nephew, and for him I would cast on 18 stitches, do the first section of rib for about 1-2 inches, then the stockinette for 2 inches then the last few lines of rib to stop the sleeve rolling. To give you an idea of his size – he’s an australian kids size 4.

        Also, a change that I would make to the pattern is to bind off in pattern, meaning to knit the knits and purl the purls when casting off, instead of just a row of knit binding off.

  2. Many thanks for all your help….i begin the project today!!!! Wish me luck! dwillknit

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