A bit on the slack side

I feel that I should be spending more time knitting baby things, seeing as it’s coming up to the season of everyone giving birth! Instead I’ve been sidetracked by the cold weather and the need to knit myself sleeve extensions and scarves and beanies. I’m thinking of trying out a lace type beret in a ruby red wool that I have, and maybe a cowl in an orangey red fake mohair that I’ve found at the bottom of a box of wool.

I had mexican for dinner a while ago, and have been giving some thought to knitting little cacti and daiquiris – the cacti shouldn’t be too difficult as it’s mainly just tubes and I have an idea of how I’d shape it like the ones on the cartoons, rather than an actual succulent you’d see in real life (though there are some good patterns around for those!). The daiquiri might be a little floppy, being so top heavy, but the stem would be a good handle size – maybe a tall champagne glass is better – not terribly mexican though! Maybe a whole range of drinks – can you imagine the level of details for the ones with a load of fruit on the rim?

I’m still more interested in the rattle side of things, however I don’t think I can really stick a cat toy bell inside a cactus – that would look a little lumpy. It may work for the succulent type ones, which all seem to have little pots knitted for them as well, but I like the idea of giving them a handle small enough to get their little hands around or something thin that flaps – like the carrot leaves or the tampon string…

Tampon Rattle

Speaking of which, I should type out my pattern for this and the bolster/cusion version as well. Not terribly difficult to work out, but fun to make up and the expression on friends faces is priceless!

Pattern: Tampon rattle by me
Needles: 4.00mm
Yarn: 8 ply acrylic in white and blue

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