Finishing sprint

OK, I have decided that I absolutely have to get a few items finished before I’m allowed to start anything new. Which is a pain, because of course as soon as I decide this I immediately think of a million cool things I want to make!

I have finished my red garter loop through scarf, although I made some modifications, such as only using 26 stitches – though even that seems a little too wide. I also substituted seed stitch for the garter stitch for the main section of the scarf and the bows, which looks great, but was a pain in trial and error to start on the right stitches.

scarf in progress

scarf in progress

Items waiting to be finished:
My throw rug for the couch – I am down to the final square. When I say square I actually mean huge rectangle, as it’s something like 32 stitches by 48 rows.

almost done with the rug

almost done with the rug

There’s also a half finished toadstool rattle, and a baby squash hat, plus a misshapen cactus with one arm. Fingers crossed that they don’t get frogged!


3 responses to “Finishing sprint

  1. Wow the rug looks great.

  2. do you have a pattern for the scarf? would you be able to share it?

    • The scarf was from a book – One Skein Wonders – which I borrowed from the library and I made a few changes, such as only having 26 stitches across, and doing it in seed stitch. Also I made it very snug around the neck as it loosens over time. From memory it took a little time to work out how to make the seeds work from the lace edge – I wish I had written it down somewhere.

      If you look around Ravelry there are similar, free patterns.

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