Gauge matching for a 4 year old’s head

Am trying to knit a beanie for my 4 yr old nephew who lives in another state so I don’t have the luxury of checking the gauge on his head every so often.

Previously I had thought that 51cm circumference head = 98 stitches in 8ply after a bit of research of child beanies on the web. Unless I have a particularly loose tension, which I don’t think I do, this is EXCESSIVELY LARGE.

I mainly knit in larger yarns for beanies for me, but I generally only have 56-60 stitches so you can see why I thought this was a lot.


51cm circumference head = 60 stitches in 8ply

On the basis that it’s incredibly tight on my head (58cm), and then a few less stitches to make it too small for me.


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