yo-yos are giving me grief

After a fair bit of trial and error and yelling at the computer, I have made some yo-yos:


Prior to this lovely photo, the yo-yos were causing me a lot of pain – maybe because it wa late at night, and because it seemed so simple that I was beating myself up about it because I didn’t understand the instructions.

I think part of it is realising that americans write their crochet patterns differently to english/australians – you know, where a double chain to me is a single chain to them, plus extremely minimal instructions in the pattern I was using.

But I perservered and found a youtube video with instructions for the first round. Of course, me being difficult, I wanted to do my yo-yos like Leigha’s (on ravelry) with no white border between each one, so I needed to find those instructions too.

How to make a yo-yo for australians in very simple language

First wheel

1. form a ring – you can do this either by chaining 4 and joining them with a slip stitch, or by using the magic loop method.

2. Chain 3, then do 11 treble crochets (or double crochets in the american patterns) in a row (so 12 spokes to the wheel)

3. once finished the trebles, slip stitch (single crochet for americans) into the second chain of the original chain 3 in step 2.

Second wheel

1. chain 3, then double crochet into the gap between the spokes of the first wheel.

2. chain another 3, then double crochet into the gap. Do this the whole way around, and finish with a slip stitch into the first chain of the first spoke of the second wheel.

There are full, proper instructions here on the many ways to join the yo-yos – I used the flat-braiding joining method: http://priscillascrochet.net/free%20patterns/Yo%20Yo%20Afghans%201.pdf


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