Bird brooches

As it’s moving into summer, and certainly here in Melbourne we’re undergoing a “heatwave“, I’m finding it a bit hard to contemplate knitting with all that wool, so have moved into cute little objects – brooches!

These gorgeous little birds have come from Crochet Adorned and take about 10 minutes to do, once you work out which stitches you’re using – american, not british! (I have a bit of trouble with the interpretting 🙂 )

Fun with fabric stiffener:

I bought some fabric stiffener from Spotlight for about $8 and it says to coat with the glue. So I tried it with the orange bird, blotting the glue in with a paintbrush front and back. Not exactly soaking wet, but enough so it should dry flat. I then left it out in the warmth to set.

The results: Both are stiff, however the yellow cotton bird faired the best. The orange wool bird looks a bit matted, which is not so attractive. I have since made another bird, and this time only stiffened the back of the bird, so that it keeps it’s fabricy feel on the front – I am much happier with this option!


2 responses to “Bird brooches

  1. I REALLY NEED THIS PATTERN!!!!! PLZ????? I really wanna make this for my mom…………………plzzzzzzzzzzzzz??????????

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