pushing the a-line skirt boundaries

This skirt has taken way longer than it really should – what with working out bias cutting of the fabric, to lengthening the, well, the length, and figuring out how to put in a zip!

I am trying to make the Sidonie skirt from Burdastyle – my first real attempt at making clothing from a pattern. I’ve made the diana bag a few times, but this is a much bigger project!

I figuring out the bias of the fabric (the arrow on the pattern goes parallel with the selvedge) and then pinned it all into the carpet so that I could cut around the pieces – I thought about drawing them out with chalk, but just couldn’t be bothered. Which is pretty standard I think with the boring bits of sewing  – I remember being about 17 and crouching on the breakfast bar at my mum’s to trace around a skirt as a pattern!

Obviously my enthusiasm waned when I came to the zip so early on – all I had was a chunky zip that made it a bit hard to sew across the bottom of it, so I had to do that bit by hand. I found this tutorial on sew mama, sew to be really helpful, but I didn’t have any glue so just pinned it.

Not an outstanding job, but ok for a first attempt I think!

Then obviously I had my measurements all mixed up so I had to trial and error sew in the side seams until it fitted properly – I have the classic hourglass shape with the small waist and wide hips, so skirts generally fit around the hips and thighs, but balloon at the waist. But not this skirt!

I almost gave up here, thinking I have a skirt that zips up and fits – who needs a waistband and a hem across the bottom?

Gave into the whole theory of doing a job properly.

The waistband is a bit confusing, have attached one side, but not sure how to attach the other but finally figured it out – essentially fold over like bias tape.

So here’s the finished skirt, only in the meantime have gotten enthused by thread sketching, as shown on this awesome tutorial by clutterpunk. It’s not really noticeable though, so may have to go over it a few more times.


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