Red bainbridge remix

So I’m doing another bainbridge remix, as I’ve decided it’s a perfect gift for my friend M.

My plum one feels a little large for my neck, and M has a similar size neck to me (well, it’s not like I’ve ever measured it, but I’m making an educated guess here based on photos of us standing together) so I’ve cast on with 130 rather than the Bainbridge’s original 144. Only time will tell if I’ve made the right choice!

One thing I have learned this time around is to start the button hole on a P1 – although I did it on the knit row, but the row before was P1, if that makes sense. The other way around leaves big gaps beside the buttonhole, which I discovered the hard way which resulted in having to unpick it – I swear it took me most of an hour of tv watching to get back to where I started.

I think that I would try a different cast on technique as well, and will need to try a binding off technique that will not roll.

Even though I have been buying yarn barn wool and stockpiling it for some time now, this is the first time I’ve actually used to to knit something. It’s very soft and easy to work with.

Pattern: Bainbridge Remix by Flintknit, original Bainbridge by Mintyfresh

Needles: 3.75mm or 4mm (am not quite sure)

Yarn: 8 ply Yarn Barn merino wool in cherry


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