baby rugs

It’s true what they say, everyone’s having babies.

And of course, as I get better at crocheting, I feel the need to up the ante in terms of baby gifts!

So now I am making another baby rug – this time for friends who aren’t going to find out the gender until the birth. So, this leaves me with a colour range of purples and greens, which when you think about it, is actually a wider range than the usual group of pinks or blues.

4 or 5 ply cotton at Lincraft and Spotlight is really quite a limited number of colours, and have yet to make it back to Yarn Barn to check out their collection for 2010. So I’ve branched out to the Bamboozle cotton/bamboo mix, and am hoping it won’t pill or fluff. I’ve also picked up a lavender DK smoothie acrylic, and again hoping it won’t fluff, but I may be pushing my luck there!


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