doilies dearest

My very first ever doily! I’m very proud 🙂

Oddly, it was my friend Allison who requested an old fashioned jug cover for her water jug – you know the ones with the beads to anchor down the sides and keep the flies out?

During this process I discovered the wonderful world of blocking – which was amazing! Really I just dunked the thing in water then stretched it out on the ironing board with pins (my poor ironing board is going to lose all it’s padding the way I keep putting pins in it). When it dried it was lovely and flat!

In the end it’s 14cm at shortest diametre and 18cm at widest. It’s entirely possible the holes are too big and will let in the flies… but it looks pretty none the less. This was actually the practice doily, so the real one will have beads on the points.

Pattern: Snowflake Motif – Creative Needlecraft Handbook by L Ganderton

Hook: a size 13 aero hook – I have no idea what this is in reality. It’s small, but not super small.

Yarn: Sullivans Mercerised Cotton in Navy – 4ply?


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