Come cover me shrug

This is the project I was knitting when I discovered I could knit in the dark. My partner and I went to the MSO symphony in the Myer Music Bowl and had a picnic, and as usual I took along my knitting. This is a great chance to catch up on things, as with daylight savings means I have light until about 9.30pm ish. As it got darker, I found I just kept knitting and before too long, it was dark and I was still going! Very exciting!

Feather pattern – I increased the 1 purl stitch by picking up the extra p stitch between stitches (like this only purl) – originally I tried a purl front and knit back, but that left very strange holes all the way through.

This photo shows what the purl increases look like – the first big hole which really put me off, doesn’t actually look so bad as you progress through the rounds. This photo is at about round 10.

I BO’d the K4, P4 “casting off in pattern” meaning that you knit the knits and purl the purls just like you were doing in the body of the project.

After I finished the main of the shrug, I picked up all the stitches around the neck/arm/back collar hole and did a K2,P2 rib, but unfortunately my BO was too tight, so I labouriously unpicked a round, and then did another round and BO with 7mm needles, but found it was still too tight. So I decided that it was better to remove this edge and block it, and see if I could be bothered doing it once that was over.

Apart from the snowflake doilies, this is the first thing I’ve blocked – and I’m now converted. Knitty has some very good instructions for blocking!

(Speaking of which, when is the next Knitty coming out? It’s the middle of March already! The spring (though autumn for me) should be out by now, surely?)

Pattern: Come cover me – by Solveig Engevold

Needles: 5mm, bound off with 7mm

Yarn: 8 ply Spotlights Basic Pure Wool – used 2.4 balls


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