dog rattle in purple

Over the christmas break, we drove up to Brisbane from Melbourne, which provided ample crochet-ing time and so have now completed 2 of the dog rattles on the list of Everyone’s Having a Baby.

Ran into a bit of trouble with row 6 and 7 of the pattern, where there’s been a typo or miscalculation. This meant a fair bit of revising and unpicking, and a pretty heated maths discussion with my partner at a petrol pump somewhere in New South Wales.

The 2 small corrections I found:

* row 6: 4 x dc then 2 dc into the next stitch (repeat as per pattern)

* row 7: 5 x dc then 2 dc into the next stitch (repeat as per pattern)

instead of 5, 6 x dc respectively. Otherwise the number of stitches at the end of each row don’t match the number required – 36 and 42. This drove me made trying to figure out why I had 1 less stitch (35) for row 6 no matter how many times I redid it when following the pattern!

Having said this, I love this pattern for baby presents!

Am also liking the cotton, it’s a big mercerised, so a little bit shiny, but works quite well for this pattern and hook size. I’ve recently seen the results of 6 months of play with rattles that I’ve previously made from acrylic yarn, and they’re quite fluffy and pilled, so it’s cotton from now on for me.

Pattern: Dog rattle by Suzie Fry, in More Softies – 22 New Friends For You to Sew and Crochet

Yarn: Panda 4ply in purple

Hook: 3.00mm


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