The second doily / jug cover

So I finally made the second doily as a jug cover, of which I am quite proud. They’re fairly quick things to make too, which is nice.

I bought some beads from Spotlight for a few dollars, and threaded them on during the last round – ch 2, put yarn on a needle and thread through the clear bead, and then I used a small dark blue bead as a turning point, then back through the glass bead and picking up the loop from before the bead, you’re back to continue chaining. I suppose if you were doing beads all around the outside you’d just thread the whole chain through. Another way could be to knot off the chain before threading through a bead and then restart a chain on the other side.

Pattern: Snowflake Motif – Creative Needlecraft Handbook by L Ganderton

Hook: a size 13 aero hook – I have no idea what this is in reality. It’s small, but not super small.

Yarn: Sullivans Mercerised Cotton in Navy – 4ply


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