Baby rug and the impending deadline!

I have been slaving away at a baby rug for my friend, who is due in July, but of course I would like to give it to her at her baby shower… which actually brings the deadline up by a month! The past few months have been highly unproductive for me, mainly as I’ve been lying on the couch sick as a dog with morning/noon/night sickness. Which is exciting in it’s own right, but has left me a bit behind in the old present making task!

So I now have 43 of the 48 squares done, but haven’t done each border in white – so I’m thinking it’s time to start the craft circle at work again. This is a risky business – as previously working in IT people are very curious but accepting of people doing strange things in the tea room, but now I’m in HR… well, they seem a little snobby here, a bit too cool for school.

I am thinking with this rug I will join the squares by crocheting – as Attic24 describes it. I have previously sewn them together, but this takes forever and the corners get a bit weird.


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