Trying to finish things

I thought I’d finished my bainbridge remix scarf – it certainly looks finished, doesn’t it?Well, that was until I’d made the second red version and decided it was much better to bind off the top edge in pattern – knit the knits, purl the purl (with the row before binding off being the K1, P1 row).

So that was fine, a bit of a pain to un-bind off, but I got there eventually, then bound off again and all was happy. EXCEPT I forgot to tie off that last stitch, and then it got shoved around a bit and unravelled down a few rows – ARRRRGH!

So I’ve been meaning to fix this for about 3 months, but my previously mentioned all day sickness has prevented me from doing anything except for lying on the couch and groaning, much to my partner’s “delight”.

But I am determined to finish it! I am also very cold now that winter is here! I also really need a purple scarf!

I am attacking this project tonight with vigour – it will be done!


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