baby shower bunting

My friend’s baby shower is this weekend, and I’ve volunteered to make bunting – for some reason I have a bit of a fascination with it! Anyway I trawled around the web looking for a template – I know, it’s only a triangle! But I was more interested in seeing what sizes people were using. This is what I found:

Quite a few either just cut with pinking shears or sewed wrong side facing – but I took my cue from the bunting for sale on etsy and sewed them right side facing to turn them inside out and iron. A bit of extra work, but I feel it’s worth it in the end!

For 5m of bunting, here’s what I did:

I drew my template (pdf), which I patiently laid out and traced around to cut up like crazy.

I used 9 different fabric patterns 25 cm wide – we had a mixture of colours and dots, stripes and plain

Traced and cut like a demon, then lined them all up, right side facing.

I then spent a quality 1.5 hours sewing Vs on the diagonals of the flags.

After this, you just turn them inside out (right side out) and iron them flat – I’ve got to say that this is the most tedious part of the whole process. Mainly because I truly hate ironing.

I then worked out a semi order to the colours so that I didn’t end up with doubles or an odd concentration of colour.

Sewing onto the biastape

Be careful when you’re sewing the triangles to the bias tape – those sneaky little corners like to pop out when you least expect it, which is a pain to have to go back and sew them in.

I left a length of about 12-14cm at each end, so that my friend could tie the bunting to curtain rods, trees or whatever if she ever needed to.


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