Hexy ball

Not entirely sure why I decided to make this ball, seeing as my child won’t be able to play with it for at least another 10 months!

The tutorial instructions are very good, and once you get into the rhythm then it’s easy to do in front of the tv etc.

What I found a bit confusing was how it all pieced together as a ball, and knowing how many hexagons and pentagons I needed. For the record, I used:

  • 18 hexagons (6 sides)
  • 12 pentagons (5 sides)

The pentagons are made in the same way as the hexagons, just with only 10 dc in row 2, instead of 12 dc.

I haven’t yet made the lining for the stuffing, as I think I will need to blow up a balloon inside the ball to see just how big it is. I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ve made it too large, though am not sure how I would make it smaller.

So once I know how big it is, I can sew a lining for it, using a template like this one. I think I’ll throw in a few bells as well, just for the fun of it!

Pattern: Grandma Star Hexagon Ball by Michelle Kludas
Hook: 4mm
Yarn: 8ply acrylic in various colours

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