Road trip crafting

So we’re driving up to Brisbane again, and even though I’ve used most of my stash to pad around all the things I’ve packed, I absolutely forgotten to leave something out to do in the car on the long hours between towns!

I feel like I should be making cute baby stuff, but the problem with having a summer baby is that warm woollen clothes are a bit of a waste of time. I suppose I should be knitting him cute little 6 month old jumpers, and pram blankets. At any rate, I need to make up my mind quickly, as we leave in a week and a half!

I decided to make the 5th Avenue Infinity scarf with some merino I bought in the 50% off yarn sale at Spotlight. I even managed to work out a pattern to convert the ply from 10 to 8 (which is what the merino is). As part of that search I came across a useful table deciphering plys and weights, and the approximate gauges these should then be!

Unfortunately, as I left out the balls of wool to be put in my craft bag, my partner kindly used those balls as padding for more packing! So there goes that plan!


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