Reindeer rattle for bubs

So we were sitting up in a furnished flat and being on maternity leave I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do. I figured that giving birth 4 weeks before christmas is really not going to leave me with much time to get presents organised. Mostly that’s pretty easy to do now for family friends etc, but what do you get a 4 week old baby for christmas?

A bit of research with friends seems to be that clothes are the way to go, maybe a book or two. I also decided also to make a christmas rattle for him, in the shape of a reindeer. It’s also pretty handy that the junk shop had this really nice warm brown cotton thread!

It’s a pretty standard rattle base, then a nose (complete with a red tip of course!) and some antlers. The antlers are sourced from a Lion Brand pattern, and I used my standard cat’s toy for the bell inside. I like using cat’s toys as I feel there’s an extra protective layer around the little bell that could get swallowed if a kid manages to break through all the crochet.


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