Protecting the newly polished floorboards

I may have mentioned we’re having a baby, plus we’ve recently bought a house and had the floorboards sanded and polished. Having watched friends’ kids throw things around on their floorboards, I’ve decided to put together a nice collection of softish toys that can be thrown around without any horrible denting of the polish.

So as part of my confinement to the couch I’m attempting to make these blocks. The original pattern uses 13 stitches across, but as my yarn is smaller I chained 14 plus the extra one to turn the corner. I also intend to add a cat-toy bell to the inside. I’m straying from the boring stripes and solid colours of the bella blocks and trying to add ripples etc . The ripples one is 14 chains, but its stretchiness makes for a bigger block and obviously not straight edges. hmmmm.

Pattern: Bella Blocks by Lion Brand Yarn
Hook: 4mm
Yarn: assorted 5ply Coton-A cottons

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