Infinity scarf in progress

It occurs to me that, as I now live in Brisbane, that I might not have any use for a lovely warm cowl scarf when winter rocks around.

However, I am counting on a few trips to Tasmania this year, so will just have to get maximum wear out of it then.

I have had my eye on the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf for quite some time now, and it occurred to me the other day that it had been pretty much an entire year since I’d knitted anything! IT seems I’ve been quite exclusive to crochet of late.

I had the perfect wool for this cowl, but it was 8ply instead of the 10ply in the pattern. This was going to mean some adjustments, so I spent an AGE reading all the comments in ravelry and on tentenknit’s blog, and figured I could cast on 221 stitches with a crochet provisional cast on technique, so that I could come back later and bind off in a way that should reduce the rolling.

Row 4 seems to confuse everyone in the comments on tentenknits blog and on the projects page. I used this vid slip 1, K1,PSSO and it went well for me. Some advice I say in the comments on Ravelry said that you slip the stitch that was previously the YO in row 2, and knit the previous knit stitch in row 2.

In this photo above I am on the 3rd row of the second lot of the pattern. I’m not sure if the holes are supposed to line up better than they have – I have a sneaky suspision that I’ve dropped a stitch or two.

I have also found that it’s difficult to work out where you are when you return to this after having a bit of a break. I have taken to adding a little card that goes between the first and last stitch, where I keep a tally of which row I’m on. I’ve also written the pattern on it, as I am forever forgetting if I start with the K1, or if I’m finishing with it.

Pattern: 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf by Margaux Hufnagel
Needles: 4.00mm circular
Yarn: 8 ply Moda Vera Merino blend
Amendments: CO 221, 8 ply yarn, 4mm needles

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