bandana bibs

I suffer greatly from a syndrome called “I Could Make That”. It’s like curtains – I don’t see any need to pay vast sums of money for something that is a few pieces of material sewn together and hemmed, with a bit of that curtain tap stuff sewn on the back. It’s all straight lines, for goodness sake! And yet, I don’t actually ever make the curtains myself, but feel guilty for buying them.

Which brings us to the bandana bib. Bibs in general are super easy, and I think the bandana bib is even easier as it’s just a triangle. Absolutely nothing tricky about that, unless you’re adding snaps, and even those are fairly easy to work out how to do.

So here are a few tutorials and patterns I’m considering:

Or I could just buy one from Byron Bibs, which is a pretty good price when you consider you’d have to spend about that buying the fabric to make one yourself!


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