EZ earflap hat

I am obsessed with making hats for my little boy – I now have a beanie, a flaps hat, and a newsboy hat (still in progress). My poor 5th avenue infinity scarf has been pretty much left for dead – maybe it will be finished for next winter if it’s lucky. I should just suck it up really, and unravel it and use the wool for something else, as I think that it probably won’t ever get finished.

So this is the story of the EZ earflap hat.

Since I have been trying not to buy more wool without a purpose in mind (this was the plan from way back living in a 1 bedroom flat, knowing that we were moving interstate soon), so now that I have a purpose (as well as a whole room to store just my craft stuff) I set off for Lincraft which was easier said than done.

I have been spoilt. I realise this now, living in the ‘burbs of Brisbane, that all my favourite shops are NOT just down the road. Where I was in Prahran, in Melbourne, I had Chapel St only a 15 min walk away, and I drove past Chadstone shopping centre every day to and from work. Also on this drive, I would pass Spotlight and Lincraft (Lincraft who sneakily moved into the old Spotlight premises at Malvern), and finishing work at 4.30pm each day meant that I could stop by after work and PLAY!

Anyway, long story short, Lincraft is either in the CBD or at Sunnybank Hills, which also features an old Pick n Pay Hypermarket – a combined Coles and Kmart. Sunnybank Hills is surprisingly close though, so off I went and bought wool.

This hat is simple, and having translated the american crochet terms it doesn’t take long at all to work up. It’s the standard pattern for increasing for a spherical object, but the amazing this is that the author has taken the time to write up a pattern for every head size imaginable! To make things easier on myself, I just deleted all the numbers not relevant to my size.

For this beanie I didn’t add the optional increase row, but did do the extra row before the stripes. I had originally done the extra increases but discovered it made the hat just too big.

Each of the strands of wool for the braids are approximately the length of my forearm – an exact measurement, I know!

And voila, done! The ease of this hat has got me thinking that this might be the birthday present of choice for all my friends’ little kids this year!

Pattern: EZ Earflaps for FREEEEEeeeee by Jeannie Kubricht
Hook: 4.5mm hook
Yarn: Lincraft Cozy Wool

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