Gorgeous crossover booties

Round 2 of baby fever has started, with little Nicolas being the first of the second borns. A few hours ago I came across the simple crossover bootie pattern, freshly posted on ravelry. So freshly posted, that the author hadn’t actually linked to the pattern yet, but it is very simple and I figured it out from the photos.

Seems I got it mostly right, but actually uses the double crochet stitch instead of the treble. I prefer the treble because it’s faster 😉 Lazy, I know!

I did three rows of treble, then a row of double in grey. The sole of the bootie is also in grey. I think I might make a larger version for my 7mth old, see if it works – as in, see if it stays on his foot.

Update: Here’s a quick how-to for sewing the two pieces together. Please excuse my wonky arrows – it’s the first time I’ve used the drawing feature in Google docs. So start in the corner, sew together the 1s, then sew together the 2s going around 3 sides of the sole even though it’s only one side of the side piece, then sew the 3s together – this will be over the top of the already sewn 1s, so you end up with three layers sewn together at the front. The dark blue stripe down the left of the side piece is the grey stripe on my actual bootie.

For those still having trouble with stitching together the booties, try this explanation on Purl Bee – it’s for a felt shoe, but has very clear step-by-step photo instructions.

Pattern: Simple Crossover Bootie by Louise Mac
Hook: 4.00mm
Yarn: Spotlight Basics 8 ply wool – off white, grey

4 responses to “Gorgeous crossover booties

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  2. ok i’m a little confused about fold over. ha ha
    this part confuses me,

    Fold one side so that it lines up with the front of the sole, sew along this side joining to
    side of sole. Fold opposite side as bfore and sew across all 3 toes and across the remaining side. I
    like to fold each bootie in opposite directions. Weave in ends. (Depending on yarn, Booties may
    look best if you turn them in-side-out after sewing up seams)

  3. ah i still don’t get it, ha ha, i thought the ones were already together. i’m sorry to be such a pain in the but,,,, i know its alot simpler than i’m making it, maybe once i crochet it all it will make more sense to me. ha ha i need a video tutorial ha ha

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