Taggie toy

For the past few weeks I have been watching my son fondle all the tags on the various toys and jumpers he has… which eventually led to the lightbulb above my head going “Ping!”. There’s a reason I’ve saved all the ribbons off all the presents that I’ve ever been given.

First, collect all the ribbons together.

Then, grab 2 pieces of fabric in any shape you like. I did a triangle, and each side is about 15cm long. Some of the ones I’ve seen on made it are up to 35cm, but I thought I’d start small.

I actually put a plastic layer inbetween the 2 fabrics, to give it that crackly noise when it moves. All I did to get this was find an especially crackly shopping bag and cut it the same size as the fabric pieces.

Pin all your ribbon bits to one of the fabric pieces, making sure the pieces all point inwards.

Often people forget this and end up with the ribbons on the inside of their finished toy. You might like to add a little ribbon loop that you could slide a plastic loop through, so that you can clip it onto something so the thing doesn’t always fall on the ground, with you endlessly having to pick it up.

Sew it all up, leaving a gap to turn the toy right side out.

Top stitch all the way around, and sew through the middle, just to keep it flatish.


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