Crafting in groups – brown owls

A few months ago, I attended my first ever brown owls event. They started out with only one or two groups around Oz, but now almost seem to be everywhere!  I’d seen all the articles in various newspapers about how crafting is back, but then I’d been knitting on the train to work for the past 5 years, so you didn’t need to tell me that knitting was IN.

It was a good mix of women – aged from about 20-45 – with about half knowing how to crochet. With the aim of making a dishcloth (nice and easy first project) we were taken through the basics. What was really good about this group was that it seemed that every second or third person around the table knew what they were doing, so were able to help out those who didn’t. From my perspective of already knowing how to crochet, I learned how to teach crocheting by listening to others.

A dishcloth can be easy peasy, or it can be kinda quirky (but still relatively easy). You see the secrets to crochetting are:
1. it’s all just variations of the same stitch
2.  it’s impossible to drop a stitch (like you can in knitting)
3. If you make a mistake, you can just go back without causing any damage

And don’t let being lefthanded be an excuse not to learn – I’m a lefty and I picked it up fairly quickly and there are so many YouTube vids on how to do it lefthanded.


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