New vegie garden

On the weekend we built a vegie garden. I say “we” but really, I was only involved in the talking part, not the physical labour part.

We stood around, discussing the finer points of placement, and width, sun movements, and what we might grow there, and what we might have to plan around things maybe being there in the future (such as a cubby house for kids).

We also thought long and hard about this: we’ve put the vegie garden in the front yard. We’ve got probably a smidge more room in the front yard than the backyard, and it’s pretty much a given that we’ll spend most of our time out back. So we didn’t want to take up precious real estate with enormous garden beds of vegies while the front yard just sat there, being grassy and boring. We do have a fence around the outside, and the beds are placed off to the side, but it still feels a little bit odd…

Currently have a tiny tomato plant (thankyou Garden City school holiday activities), 3 very tiny flat leaf parsley seedlings (growing from seed), some potential pumpkin seedlings (also seeds), and chives, coriander, mint, and vietnamese mint. I feel I should mention the 2 ginormous bushes of rosemary by the front door, but we just inherited those.

Thinking also cucumbers, zucchinis, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, lettuces, capsicums. Got to do a bit of research I think!

I know my parsley will do well, if only it can moved on from its seed state. This is the parsley that I let go to seed (hence my moccona jar full of seeds) and then took over the entire courtyard. When I needed parsley for cooking I didn’t pick leaves – I pulled plants up by the roots!


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