More earflap hats

The EZ flaps hat has indeed become the birthday present of choice. Below is a quick squiz at some more I’ve made.

2 year old

Used 8 ply wool and 5.0mm hook. No optional increase, but added 2 extra rows of A before the stripes (as the beanie I made for my 6mth old is a smidge short).

1 year old

8 ply wool and the 5.0mm hook again, with an optional increase. I actually didn’t read the pattern properly and forgot the 5th row, but didn’t realise until after I’d done the stripes. I lost the will to unravel it and fix it, so I just added an extra row of purple after the stripes.

All the braids have been the same length – 3.5 m per braid, and when looped through the earflap there are 4 strands of each colour.

Pattern: EZ Earflaps for FREEEEEeeeee by Jeannie Kubricht
Hook: 5.0mm hook
Yarn: Lincraft Cozy Wool, Spotlight Basics Wool

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