Decoration FAIL

I’ve been using Pinterest for a little while now, and am absolutely loving all the beautiful pictures that everyone else is pinning. Makes me feel like I should be pinning beautiful things too. This is an example of what not to pin.

I am thinking of having a party for my son’s first birthday, and of course, need decorations. Here’s what I’m thinking (from Wednesday):

Only maybe in blue and yellow.

So I tried a practice run. Thought to myself, self, you don’t need to go back and re-read that article, it’s just yarn and glue and a balloon. So I blew up the balloon found my fabric stiffener and craft glue, mixed them together and started soaking and winding my yarn around the balloon.

And it looked good, even if I do say so myself.

I came back to it a few days later and found it a little worse for wear.

It was at this stage that I went back and consulted the website to discover that there’s a lot more involved. Looks like I’m going to be shopping for corn starch and really getting stuck into it!

And this is what it looks like after being left out in the rain for a few days…


One response to “Decoration FAIL

  1. Jenny in Michigan

    Thank you so much for posting your FAIL 🙂 I laughed outloud and scared myself. I’m always doing similar things and have to keep reminding myself that I’m not the genious that I wish I was. I love your blog!

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