My attempt at a succulent terrarium

Another thing I have been inspired to create – a terrarium full of succulent plants. Unfortunately I live in the subtropics, and don’t have access to beautiful Californian lava rocks, or equally beautiful outback Australian red desert dirt. I suppose I could have used the beautiful white sand from the Gold Coast, but that’s about an hour’s drive away and seems a bit excessive for a few cups of sand.

So the Californian reference. There’s a blog I follow called The Brick House. Some years ago Morgan and her partner bought a shambles of a house and set themselves the goal to furnish it with stuff bought for less than $100, plus doing a complete renovation. They now have a house full of awesome mid century furniture, and many lovely white walls. I identify with Morgan’s pain for many reasons – we both bought houses with garish, clashing paint colours throughout (though she often had them all in the one room – at least I just have a purple room, a forest green room, an orange room, a hot pink room…), we both live in suburbs surrounded by old people, and we’re both tight with cash 🙂

Anyway, after all that, at one stage she made a few succulent terrariums (below):

And I thought to myself, what a great way to use all those succulents you’ve been accumulating over the years. So, I finally tried it.

As I was using white pebbles, I decided to place my dirt inside a takeaway container inside the bowl. I’ve found that they grow so well in Brisbane that restricting their root space will probably keep them small and therefore they won’t outgrown the bowl.

This only ended in tears once, when the container slipped sideways spilling all the dirt on the white pebbles. A sawn off coke bottle (which had already been reincarnated into a glasshouse over winter) made cleaning the pebbles really simple.

After that it was a simple matter of arranging the succulents and covering over the whole lot with pebbles.

A side note on how my succulents travelled from Melbourne to Brisbane

About a year ago we moved interstate, to a city that is 18hrs away by car (2 by plane). We drove up, mainly because I was 7 months pregnant and refused to get on another plane, and also because we had to get the car up, and it was cheaper to drive and stay at hotels than to put it on a train and fly up. We did it over a four day drive (though if you’re really crazy and have a car full of drivers you can do it in a day). As most of our stuff would sit in storage for at least a month, I had to take all my plants with me. In the car.

I saw this as a challenge; Jules saw this as the world’s biggest pain in the bum, and thought it impossible. For my succulents I took lots of little cuttings and packed them into rectangular takeaway containers, then hid them under my seat. I bought 2 storage boxes, crammed them full of plants, and hid them in the boot under everything else. I did away with suitcases – instead everything got packed into those “green” freezer carry bags (the ones with zips) you get from the supermarket to cart all your stuff home. Some plants, such as the lemon tree, just stood in the back footwells. It was quite nice having a tree sitting up behind me in the car.

Also, we couldn’t put open bottles into the storage containers, so there were vodka and whiskey bottles crammed into every available space.

But we could still see out the rear window, so it wasn’t completely crammed full, in my view.


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