My Hoot cake

I’ve made a lot of cakes, biscuits, slices and desserts in my time, but never have I made a kid’s birthday cake.

So for my son’s first birthday, I made a Hoot the owl cake, from the ABC2 kids tv show, Giggle and Hoot.

hoot the owl birthday cake

It’s just 2 butter cakes with 2 batches of lovely butter icing. Even with my sometimes dodgy oven, it turned out quite well. The cakes even baked pretty much flat, which was helpful. The template is made of 2 round cakes, with the head cake being a bit larger than the body cake. My larger cake tin is a springform tin, so I could use the base as a template to cut the body to fit around the head. The wings and feet were made from that leftover overlap.A good tip for cutting out cakes is to freeze (or at the very least, chill) the cake first as it won’t crumble as much.

To my surprise you can buy black food colouring at Woolworths – though it probably would have been a better idea to just use licorice. I mean, honestly, when am I going use black food colouring again?


One response to “My Hoot cake

  1. Lol, now I know what Asron will have for his 1st birthday 🙂

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