Too hot to craft

Summer had been hiding for quite a while, and I’ve got to tell you that I liked it. Unfortunately, the past few days have been in the mid thirties, and so very very hot. In the grand tradition of Melbourne newspapers, the Brisbane Times ran an article on how it was the hottest day in 4 years. Hardly the “hottest day since 1912” headline we used to get in Melbourne, although their need for sensationalism led to the “hottest second tuesday in January for almost 100 years” type reporting on the weather. Obsessed, I say.

Anyway, weather reporting rant aside, there is no way I am going near anything wooly, unless I’m sitting in the passenger seat of an air conditioned car. Although now would be a very good opportunity to drag all my wool out into the sunshine and do an anti-mould booster treatment.

So I turned my thoughts to taking plant cuttings – it seems it’s the wrong season for that too. That hasn’t stopped me though, it’s very easy to roam the neighbourhood taking sneaky cuttings. I have my eye on a hot pink frangapani a few streets over, and am looking for some purple crepe myrtle. Our house is on a corner, and I think it would look fantastic with a border of purple crepe myrtle along the footpath!

This site has lots of good info for taking cuttings, and it cracks me up how crepe myrtle becomes crape myrtle across the pond!


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