Quick kids scarf

With my wedding in a week’s time, what better time to start a new project. Two projects, actually. Crocheting yet another dog rattle, only this time reincarnated as an elephant, and knitting an unfancy scarf for a 1 yr old.

The elephant is only up to the third round, so barely covering its head, but it does remind me of another half finished dog rattle I have floating around somewhere. I think I have another month before that one’s due.

it’s been so long since I’ve actually knitted anything – I’m looking forward to hunting out my needles tomorrow morning.

toddler scarf

So this is the pattern for the toddler scarf:

Using 4mm needles and 8ply yarn, CO  14 stitches – or more if neck is longer – it will look too narrow when you’ve cast on, but will widen as you knit more rows

Knit until it meets up with the start when wrapped around child’s head.

Knit 2 more rows, then split stitches for either side of the buttonhole

Knit until just shy of the diameter of your button, then join sides again for another 4 rows. There’s no fancy buttonhole, folks!

Bind off and attempt to get the toddler to hold still long enough to put it on him!


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