Baby cradle blanket

This was the fastest blanket I’ve ever made, and the easiest. A very simple repetitive pattern that I’ve used a few times already and yet it hasn’t gotten boring – probably because it’s a mindless tv job. I used a lot less cotton than I thought I would – 3 and a bit yellow balls, and almost 2 of each of the white and grey balls.

It might be time to give the ripple pattern a bit of a break – thankfully this is the last one in the queue – I was planning to use the green and grey yarns for a grown up version, but it seems that’s no longer necessary, so I’ve saved myself quite a few months of work and some very sore fingers!

Now to decide what next… I’ve been thinking it might be time to embrace some nana crafts and make a tea cozy. I would have loved to do an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme for my wedding, but sadly I didn’t have the lead time or the spare time to make gorgeous tea cozies, wacky doilies, mad hatter fascinators, comb op shops for eclectic crockery and sugar bowls, and all sorts of cut crystal champagne flutes. Maybe something to work towards for my 40th birthday party, which is sadly only 6 years away. Plenty of lead time you might say!

Pattern: Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB
Hook: 5.0mm
Yarn: 10 ply Wendy Fiori cotton, 5 ply Coton-A cotton

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