About Me

A knitter from childhood, I rediscovered the craft in 2004 when my nephew was on his way to being born.

About 5 years ago, one of my colleagues taught me to crochet one lunchtime, mainly because I was obsessed with making the Cutest Little Owl. This has expanded to all sorts of toys and baby items, which has been great practice for my own kids as they come along! It occurred to me recently that since learning to crochet, I’ve hardly knitted at all, which is a little bit sad.

I also sew, bake and occasionally attempt some grand cooking.

A note about my Crochet

In the patterns I write, and when I discuss stitch terminology, I am using the English terminology, which is different to the American version (see comparison table). Not for any particular reason other than this was the way I was taught, before I realised there was a difference.

Also, you might notice that my stitches look a bit odd sometimes – this is because I am left handed and gives things a different slant.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. I love the Yatsal Crochet cotton too. But unable to find it locally at the moment. Can you please send me the name of the shop at Sunnybank Plaza where you bought yours. Thank you Laraine

    • Hi Laraine, I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of the shop, and I don’t go there much, but it’s down the end where there’s a food court – the opposite end to the supermarket. Although, if you’re able to make it to Sunnybank, I noticed on new years eve that Stacks at Garden City has a big sale on cottons at the moment – Sullivans and Yatsal. They had a big stand out the front of the shop 4 or 5 balls for $10.

      Hope that helps, and good luck on the cotton hunt!

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