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Valentine’s cardswap

I signed up for the 2014 handmade valentine day cardswap thinking I would have heaps of time to make 4 cards over 3 weeks – hahaha I hear you laughing from here.

I started to get a little worried when I realised I needed to allow a bit more delivery time for international postage… but at least I’m not alone in my delusion. I’m in group #32, which means there’s at least 159 other people around the world frantically trying to finish 4 handmade valentines cards for complete strangers. That makes me feel a little better.


Crocheting hearts for inside the cards. I originally followed the pattern thinking it was UK stitches (hence the little one on the left!) and realised on the second row that it was in US stitches – the fact that there are 2 naming conventions for the exact same stitches drives me mental!

I carved some shapes out of an enormous eraser that can be found at Kmart for $2. I attempted to make a chevron one, but my skills were lacking and I ended up with tiny hearts instead.20140204_150003

Stamping the hearts onto the calico was fun


This is my in-progress shot when stamping the calico for the bunting. I didn’t realise I had this many scissors in the house, let alone all on one table!

I then sewed the bunting to the card and hung the crochet heart inside.




Making a toy sushi set

Sushi toy play setMy 3 year old son loved playing in his toy kitchen and has recently become obsessed by sushi. So what better way to be an enabler by making him his own set!

I tried crocheting a sushi roll, and it kind of worked, but still managed to look misshapen (probably the kindest description I can think of).

So I had vague notions of cutting up a length of dowel and painting it, and so was on the lookout for this. Around the same time I found myself in the stationery section in Kmart and discovered you could buy washi tape there! Kmart goes fancy! Anyway, they had this little plastic container of coloured paperclips for $1, so into my trolley it went.

Then a few days ago, on that wonderful day I like to call daycare day, I dragged my youngest to Reverse Garbage in Woolloongabba and discovered little felt discs – like these discs, only smaller. From memory they were 20c or 25c, something like that.

Felt discs

The first time, I glued the discs together and then thought it would be pretty easy to just sew on the coloured pieces of felt by sewing through all 3 discs. Bah-baum. No. That didn’t work, and left me with a broken needle that required some nifty tweezering out by my husband. (using nail clippers, because he couldn’t find any pliers!)

Sushi with a broken needle

I came to the realisation that it wasn’t going to work, so prised them apart and sewed the felt pieces to the single discs and then glued them back together. With my pinking shears I cut some strips of black and glued them around the sides and held them all together with pins.

Play sushi

Then into the box, with a few soy fish filled with black wool – lovely!

Play sushi in a box

It was an instant hit, and here’s Miffy waiting patiently for her sushi with soy sauce!

Miffy waiting for her sushi