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neverending renovations

We started with a bright orange room.

This was a bit overpowering, so we decided to paint it a more baby friendly colour – pale yellow. This has the added advantage of not needing to repaint if we have a second child that’s not a boy. So a pretty simple task, sugar soap, scrape loose paint, fill holes, sand bumps, edge, paint ceiling and undercoat, paint 2 topcoats, done.

Ha ha. Scraping the loose paint ended up doing this:

It all ended up coming off that first wall. So, 2 coats of undercoat, 2 coats on the ceiling – either the ceiling paint was so old, or someone had deliberately painted it yellow – and then 2 coats of topcoat. Along with that, we had to caulk all the panels as well.

And to top it all off, my obstetrician has banished me to the couch or bed to spend the week lying down so that my sausage toes and sausage feet have a chance to go down before the big day. It’s a bit boring, but I have the tv and books and a variety of things to crochet, which I’ve found a little hard from the lying down position. Also I have managed to lose the little crochet hook that I was using to make my baby’s christmas rattle 😦

However. I have never been quite so happy that I can touch type – am lying down with the laptop sitting higher than me on an ottoman. not the most comfortable way to do it either…