Baby cradle blanket

This was the fastest blanket I’ve ever made, and the easiest. A very simple repetitive pattern that I’ve used a few times already and yet it hasn’t gotten boring – probably because it’s a mindless tv job. I used a lot less cotton than I thought I would – 3 and a bit yellow balls, and almost 2 of each of the white and grey balls.

It might be time to give the ripple pattern a bit of a break – thankfully this is the last one in the queue – I was planning to use the green and grey yarns for a grown up version, but it seems that’s no longer necessary, so I’ve saved myself quite a few months of work and some very sore fingers!

Now to decide what next… I’ve been thinking it might be time to embrace some nana crafts and make a tea cozy. I would have loved to do an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme for my wedding, but sadly I didn’t have the lead time or the spare time to make gorgeous tea cozies, wacky doilies, mad hatter fascinators, comb op shops for eclectic crockery and sugar bowls, and all sorts of cut crystal champagne flutes. Maybe something to work towards for my 40th birthday party, which is sadly only 6 years away. Plenty of lead time you might say!

Pattern: Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB
Hook: 5.0mm
Yarn: 10 ply Wendy Fiori cotton, 5 ply Coton-A cotton

Pretty headbands

A friend of mine has been considering making button bouquets for her sister’s wedding but also to sell – which led me to offer to make some sample crochet flowers to add into the mix. These flowers are quite easy to make and look absolutely adorable in sets of 2 for headbands.

Sadly, I am destined to have little boys, not little girls, so I’ve decided to try my hand at selling pretty little headbands. Feel free to drop by my madeit shop and have a browse!

I’m back!

So after a bit of a break, wherein I got married, went on honeymoon for a month, fell pregnant, had even worse morning sickness than the first time mixed in with a decent bout of depression; I have finally made it back to the land of the living, and crafting and blogging.

I’ve gone from doing nothing at all to suddenly having many projects on the go. All are just variations on a theme really.

Number 1: FINISHED!

A table runner

A table runner for the top of my son’s chest of drawers. I’m not even sure why I’m doing this one, as noone seems to care about a layer between the chest and all the junk, but there you go. This one doesn’t have long to go – it will probably only be 8 stripes in total and is a good one to take in the car or to parks.

Number 2: FINISHED!

cradle rug for baby

A cradle blanket for Baby #2. The benefit of this is that it’s a smaller blanket and therefore more likely that I will finish it before the due date. My one problem is the incredibly steep price of cotton yarn at Lincraft these days, and the fact that noone else seems to be making grey cotton yarn.

Update: Lincraft have had a bit of a sale on, so I stocked up. I ended up buying 5 balls of grey, but am only about to finish the first ball after reaching the halfway mark, so I’ve obviously overestimated there.

Number 3: Haven’t even started

I’m not even sure why I’m making this one, except that I really like the colour combination of sage green, moss green, mid grey, and white. This one will be either a ripple blanket or a star blanket.

Number 4:

I really should finish the christmas tree skirt I started for last year. It only needs a few more rounds on it to fully cover the table that the tree sits on.

A nice warm cowl

Or maybe not! I made this cowl at the beginning of the year for a friend who had moved to Canada, but have since heard stories from Canadians about the cold and the snow that make me think that this might be better suited for summer!

I must say though that I felt a little silly making it at the time, as it was the usual hot, humid, sticky, bright and sunny Brisbane summer.

ECAB cowl

Pattern: ECAB Cowl
Hook: 9 mm
Yarn: Patons Australia Inca

Quick kids scarf

With my wedding in a week’s time, what better time to start a new project. Two projects, actually. Crocheting yet another dog rattle, only this time reincarnated as an elephant, and knitting an unfancy scarf for a 1 yr old.

The elephant is only up to the third round, so barely covering its head, but it does remind me of another half finished dog rattle I have floating around somewhere. I think I have another month before that one’s due.

it’s been so long since I’ve actually knitted anything – I’m looking forward to hunting out my needles tomorrow morning.

toddler scarf

So this is the pattern for the toddler scarf:

Using 4mm needles and 8ply yarn, CO¬† 14 stitches – or more if neck is longer – it will look too narrow when you’ve cast on, but will widen as you knit more rows

Knit until it meets up with the start when wrapped around child’s head.

Knit 2 more rows, then split stitches for either side of the buttonhole

Knit until just shy of the diameter of your button, then join sides again for another 4 rows. There’s no fancy buttonhole, folks!

Bind off and attempt to get the toddler to hold still long enough to put it on him!

a blanket for dolly

I bought a dolls cot from the op shop last week for a whopping $9, and it matches the furniture in my son’s bedroom perfectly. So I had no choice really but to make a little blanket that matched his crochet blanket – which I don’t think I ever wrote about finishing!

It’s just 3 x 4 granny squares with 3 rounds for each square, and then edged with a simple treble crochet stitch. Only took about a week of evenings to do, and it really helped that I knew it was only going to be small!


Shiny new hooks

I tried to buy a set of crochet hooks from a craft store, but alas they were not interested in selling them to me. By craft store I mean Lincraft and Spotlight – I have no idea where the little boutique ones are in Brisbane. I’m guessing they’re out of the way and extremely difficult to manouver a pram around, if the Melbourne ones are anything to go by.

So in the end I couldn’t go past 14 colourful aluminium hooks for $6.45, postage included. An ebay special, of course!

A very unattractive photo, I know.

I’m attempting to use each hook on a project – something that probably won’t last. So far I’ve used the yellow 9mm, the red 5mm, and x 2.5mm.