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Making a toy sushi set

Sushi toy play setMy 3 year old son loved playing in his toy kitchen and has recently become obsessed by sushi. So what better way to be an enabler by making him his own set!

I tried crocheting a sushi roll, and it kind of worked, but still managed to look misshapen (probably the kindest description I can think of).

So I had vague notions of cutting up a length of dowel and painting it, and so was on the lookout for this. Around the same time I found myself in the stationery section in Kmart and discovered you could buy washi tape there! Kmart goes fancy! Anyway, they had this little plastic container of coloured paperclips for $1, so into my trolley it went.

Then a few days ago, on that wonderful day I like to call daycare day, I dragged my youngest to Reverse Garbage in Woolloongabba and discovered little felt discs – like these discs, only smaller. From memory they were 20c or 25c, something like that.

Felt discs

The first time, I glued the discs together and then thought it would be pretty easy to just sew on the coloured pieces of felt by sewing through all 3 discs. Bah-baum. No. That didn’t work, and left me with a broken needle that required some nifty tweezering out by my husband. (using nail clippers, because he couldn’t find any pliers!)

Sushi with a broken needle

I came to the realisation that it wasn’t going to work, so prised them apart and sewed the felt pieces to the single discs and then glued them back together. With my pinking shears I cut some strips of black and glued them around the sides and held them all together with pins.

Play sushi

Then into the box, with a few soy fish filled with black wool – lovely!

Play sushi in a box

It was an instant hit, and here’s Miffy waiting patiently for her sushi with soy sauce!

Miffy waiting for her sushi


A pink puppy rattle

If you ask my son what colour he wants of anything, the answer is always “pink!”. Pink milk, pink paint, pink socks. Which is why he thinks this latest little rattle is for him and not someone else!

Pink dog rattle

With the stripes I’m attempting a seamless join, which sort of works – at least it looks less obvious than usual.

The downside to the stripes of course is taking 3 balls of cotton with me and having to untangle them every 5 minutes because I am uncoordinated like that.

I have one more rattle on the horizon, and then there will be a break from them for  a while. Though really I should continue making them in reserve, as even though the actual rattle only takes a few days, I seem to take months on end getting to complete them.

Pattern: Dog rattle by Suzie Fry
Needles: 3.0 mm
Yarn: Yatsal 4 ply cotton in pinks and grey

teapot cosy!

I had a nana craft week – I made a teapot cosy!

I should have added more stitches in the beginning – maybe another 6 either side – so it fits around the wider part of the pot.

That said, it did stretch when I blocked it. If I make this again I might add a few increases (and then decreases) like darts on a skirt!

For those interested in the actual numbers, I started with 43 chains across the bottom, which became 21 chains on the side pieces, then up to 53 chains by the time I added extras across the spout and handle. To decrease around the pot rim – I did 8 hdc, 2toghdc starting from centre of handle.

Pattern: Leah’s Rose Tea Cosies by Leah Maxwell
Hook: 4.00mm
Yarn: Spotlight Marvel (grey), Yatsal (rose, green)

Too hot to craft

Summer had been hiding for quite a while, and I’ve got to tell you that I liked it. Unfortunately, the past few days have been in the mid thirties, and so very very hot. In the grand tradition of Melbourne newspapers, the Brisbane Times ran an article on how it was the hottest day in 4 years. Hardly the “hottest day since 1912” headline we used to get in Melbourne, although their need for sensationalism led to the “hottest second tuesday in January for almost 100 years” type reporting on the weather. Obsessed, I say.

Anyway, weather reporting rant aside, there is no way I am going near anything wooly, unless I’m sitting in the passenger seat of an air conditioned car. Although now would be a very good opportunity to drag all my wool out into the sunshine and do an anti-mould booster treatment.

So I turned my thoughts to taking plant cuttings – it seems it’s the wrong season for that too. That hasn’t stopped me though, it’s very easy to roam the neighbourhood taking sneaky cuttings. I have my eye on a hot pink frangapani a few streets over, and am looking for some purple crepe myrtle. Our house is on a corner, and I think it would look fantastic with a border of purple crepe myrtle along the footpath!

This site has lots of good info for taking cuttings, and it cracks me up how crepe myrtle becomes crape myrtle across the pond!

Ripple rug for the couch

Currently the walls in our family room are forest green with rust red trim, which I only recently figured out was meant to look like wood. One day, when we’ve put the new kitchen in we will paint the open plan area that encompasses the kitchen, dining and family area – hopefully in a nice pale grey.

In a bid to influence my husband on this upcoming paint decision, I have started hooking a ripple rug for the couch. I’ve decided on no set pattern of colours, but a mix of cream, pale grey, charcoal and black (and any more greys that I can find in the next few weeks), in random order. I’m also adding a few red ripples in for contrast – it sounds odd but I think it will work.

13 ripples down, 67 to go! I estimate I need about 80 ripples, based on Attic24’s ripple rug. I’ll see how I go.

Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB  (CO 130)
Assorted 8 ply acrylics

Decoration FAIL

I’ve been using Pinterest for a little while now, and am absolutely loving all the beautiful pictures that everyone else is pinning. Makes me feel like I should be pinning beautiful things too. This is an example of what not to pin.

I am thinking of having a party for my son’s first birthday, and of course, need decorations. Here’s what I’m thinking (from Wednesday):

Only maybe in blue and yellow.

So I tried a practice run. Thought to myself, self, you don’t need to go back and re-read that article, it’s just yarn and glue and a balloon. So I blew up the balloon found my fabric stiffener and craft glue, mixed them together and started soaking and winding my yarn around the balloon.

And it looked good, even if I do say so myself.

I came back to it a few days later and found it a little worse for wear.

It was at this stage that I went back and consulted the website to discover that there’s a lot more involved. Looks like I’m going to be shopping for corn starch and really getting stuck into it!

And this is what it looks like after being left out in the rain for a few days…

Will the dog rattles ever end?

Friends, stop having babies! Yet another baby was born, this time back in April, so I’m quite late on this rattle.

I don’t think my sanity will let me make too many more of these – if any at all. Currently there are another 2 babies on the way, with another possible 3 lurking in the curtains. By which I mean they’re friends who are likely to have a baby in the next year or two, whether they realise it yet or not!

I did give a pair of booties as a 2nd child present, as the family already had one of my rattles. These booties are awesome, and so ridiculously quick to make. So something to think about.

Pattern: Dog rattle by Suzie Fry
Hook: 3.00mm
Yarn: Yatsal 4 ply cotton in purpley plum