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A pink puppy rattle

If you ask my son what colour he wants of anything, the answer is always “pink!”. Pink milk, pink paint, pink socks. Which is why he thinks this latest little rattle is for him and not someone else!

Pink dog rattle

With the stripes I’m attempting a seamless join, which sort of works – at least it looks less obvious than usual.

The downside to the stripes of course is taking 3 balls of cotton with me and having to untangle them every 5 minutes because I am uncoordinated like that.

I have one more rattle on the horizon, and then there will be a break from them for  a while. Though really I should continue making them in reserve, as even though the actual rattle only takes a few days, I seem to take months on end getting to complete them.

Pattern: Dog rattle by Suzie Fry
Needles: 3.0 mm
Yarn: Yatsal 4 ply cotton in pinks and grey

Will the dog rattles ever end?

Friends, stop having babies! Yet another baby was born, this time back in April, so I’m quite late on this rattle.

I don’t think my sanity will let me make too many more of these – if any at all. Currently there are another 2 babies on the way, with another possible 3 lurking in the curtains. By which I mean they’re friends who are likely to have a baby in the next year or two, whether they realise it yet or not!

I did give a pair of booties as a 2nd child present, as the family already had one of my rattles. These booties are awesome, and so ridiculously quick to make. So something to think about.

Pattern: Dog rattle by Suzie Fry
Hook: 3.00mm
Yarn: Yatsal 4 ply cotton in purpley plum

dog rattle in purple

Over the christmas break, we drove up to Brisbane from Melbourne, which provided ample crochet-ing time and so have now completed 2 of the dog rattles on the list of Everyone’s Having a Baby.

Ran into a bit of trouble with row 6 and 7 of the pattern, where there’s been a typo or miscalculation. This meant a fair bit of revising and unpicking, and a pretty heated maths discussion with my partner at a petrol pump somewhere in New South Wales.

The 2 small corrections I found:

* row 6: 4 x dc then 2 dc into the next stitch (repeat as per pattern)

* row 7: 5 x dc then 2 dc into the next stitch (repeat as per pattern)

instead of 5, 6 x dc respectively. Otherwise the number of stitches at the end of each row don’t match the number required – 36 and 42. This drove me made trying to figure out why I had 1 less stitch (35) for row 6 no matter how many times I redid it when following the pattern!

Having said this, I love this pattern for baby presents!

Am also liking the cotton, it’s a big mercerised, so a little bit shiny, but works quite well for this pattern and hook size. I’ve recently seen the results of 6 months of play with rattles that I’ve previously made from acrylic yarn, and they’re quite fluffy and pilled, so it’s cotton from now on for me.

Pattern: Dog rattle by Suzie Fry, in More Softies – 22 New Friends For You to Sew and Crochet

Yarn: Panda 4ply in purple

Hook: 3.00mm

Dog rattle

I gave up on the yellow version of this rattle – as I’d used 8ply and a 4mm hook – it was far too big!

This one is more managable – 3mm hook and 5ply yarn. He was pretty easy to make up, only took a few evenings to do!

bluey the dog

bluey the dog

Pattern: Dog Rattle – Suzie Fry on Ravelry