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A pink puppy rattle

If you ask my son what colour he wants of anything, the answer is always “pink!”. Pink milk, pink paint, pink socks. Which is why he thinks this latest little rattle is for him and not someone else!

Pink dog rattle

With the stripes I’m attempting a seamless join, which sort of works – at least it looks less obvious than usual.

The downside to the stripes of course is taking 3 balls of cotton with me and having to untangle them every 5 minutes because I am uncoordinated like that.

I have one more rattle on the horizon, and then there will be a break from them for  a while. Though really I should continue making them in reserve, as even though the actual rattle only takes a few days, I seem to take months on end getting to complete them.

Pattern: Dog rattle by Suzie Fry
Needles: 3.0 mm
Yarn: Yatsal 4 ply cotton in pinks and grey

Reindeer rattle for bubs

So we were sitting up in a furnished flat and being on maternity leave I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do. I figured that giving birth 4 weeks before christmas is really not going to leave me with much time to get presents organised. Mostly that’s pretty easy to do now for family friends etc, but what do you get a 4 week old baby for christmas?

A bit of research with friends seems to be that clothes are the way to go, maybe a book or two. I also decided also to make a christmas rattle for him, in the shape of a reindeer. It’s also pretty handy that the junk shop had this really nice warm brown cotton thread!

It’s a pretty standard rattle base, then a nose (complete with a red tip of course!) and some antlers. The antlers are sourced from a Lion Brand pattern, and I used my standard cat’s toy for the bell inside. I like using cat’s toys as I feel there’s an extra protective layer around the little bell that could get swallowed if a kid manages to break through all the crochet.

Bainbridge Remix is finished! hooray!

Finally! It’s done! This scarflet has been sitting around the house waiting for it’s little tab to be made for about 6 months.

I found it pretty simple, I used double pointed needles instead of circular needles as I just find them easier. I used 8ply  yarn, and 3.75mm needles.I think next time I would CO less stitches – I did the 144 of the original bainbridge, but think I could have reduced it by about 14-20 stitches. For the little tab – I picked up 7 stitches and did the seed stitch pattern.

Also, my binding off is rolling, so will have to find a BO that sits flatter.

Pattern: Bainbridge Remix by Flintknit, original Bainbridge by Mintyfresh

Needles: 3.75mm

Yarn: 8 plyPanda Magnum Soft in purple/plum

Man scarf for Christmas

This scarf is very VERY simple, but you will need to keep count of your rows to get even squares!

I used 6.5mm (US 10 1/2) needles and Moda Vera Mousse yarn (which is 10 or 12 ply), but I wouldn’t use this one again, as it leaves little bits of fluff all over my partner’s suit – maybe a straight wool next time.


Cast on 24 stitches

Row 1-5:  K4, P4
Row 6:  knit
Row 7-11:  P4, K4
Row 12: knit

Repeat until desired length – mine is 54 blocks long.

Gauge is not important, but if you feel the scarf is too narrow, then add more stitches in lots of 8, and if you feel it’s too wide, then reduce in lots of 8 – easy!

Update: This pattern also now features on http://www.squidoo.com/mens-patterns

iPhone sock

My brother requested an iPhone sock, and he wanted it to be plain and masculine, and no button. So taking the basic principle of “it’s a tube” and trial and error-ing until I had a firm tube for it to live in, here is my pattern:

  • 4ply yarn or cotton
  • 2.5mm needles

CO36 with the magic loop method/ sock toe method – http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/FEATmagiccaston.html

knit approx 50 rounds or until is the desired length

I finished with a rib of K3, P1 for 4 rows – this will stop the top rolling, and you can also use a second colour like I have.

The yarn I used was Sullivans 4ply mercerised cotton, so it has a slightly shininess to it, which is nice.

iphone sock

iphone sock