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teapot cosy!

I had a nana craft week – I made a teapot cosy!

I should have added more stitches in the beginning – maybe another 6 either side – so it fits around the wider part of the pot.

That said, it did stretch when I blocked it. If I make this again I might add a few increases (and then decreases) like darts on a skirt!

For those interested in the actual numbers, I started with 43 chains across the bottom, which became 21 chains on the side pieces, then up to 53 chains by the time I added extras across the spout and handle. To decrease around the pot rim – I did 8 hdc, 2toghdc starting from centre of handle.

Pattern: Leah’s Rose Tea Cosies by Leah Maxwell
Hook: 4.00mm
Yarn: Spotlight Marvel (grey), Yatsal (rose, green)

Beautiful Baktus

So after lusting after all these awesome kerchiefs that have appeared on Ravelry over the past 6 months, I have finally gotten my act together and knitted a Baktus scarf. It’s soooo easy and quick!

I’m following the pattern exactly and decided that 42 stitches at the widest worked best for me. I decided this basically by holding it around my neck and seeing if I would be able to tie a knot underneath with the ends. Also a few other blogs and ravelry posts have mentioned it stretches up to 2 inches once blocked.

Now I stand a good chance of becoming obsessed with these kerchiefs, and want to do a lacy Baktus and a stripy Baktus, and you can see what’s happening here!

Pattern: Baktus scarf by Strikkelise

Needles: 4.00mm

Yarn: Yarn Barn 8 ply cotton – green mix

Red bainbridge remix

So I’m doing another bainbridge remix, as I’ve decided it’s a perfect gift for my friend M.

My plum one feels a little large for my neck, and M has a similar size neck to me (well, it’s not like I’ve ever measured it, but I’m making an educated guess here based on photos of us standing together) so I’ve cast on with 130 rather than the Bainbridge’s original 144. Only time will tell if I’ve made the right choice!

One thing I have learned this time around is to start the button hole on a P1 – although I did it on the knit row, but the row before was P1, if that makes sense. The other way around leaves big gaps beside the buttonhole, which I discovered the hard way which resulted in having to unpick it – I swear it took me most of an hour of tv watching to get back to where I started.

I think that I would try a different cast on technique as well, and will need to try a binding off technique that will not roll.

Even though I have been buying yarn barn wool and stockpiling it for some time now, this is the first time I’ve actually used to to knit something. It’s very soft and easy to work with.

Pattern: Bainbridge Remix by Flintknit, original Bainbridge by Mintyfresh

Needles: 3.75mm or 4mm (am not quite sure)

Yarn: 8 ply Yarn Barn merino wool in cherry

Bainbridge Remix is finished! hooray!

Finally! It’s done! This scarflet has been sitting around the house waiting for it’s little tab to be made for about 6 months.

I found it pretty simple, I used double pointed needles instead of circular needles as I just find them easier. I used 8ply  yarn, and 3.75mm needles.I think next time I would CO less stitches – I did the 144 of the original bainbridge, but think I could have reduced it by about 14-20 stitches. For the little tab – I picked up 7 stitches and did the seed stitch pattern.

Also, my binding off is rolling, so will have to find a BO that sits flatter.

Pattern: Bainbridge Remix by Flintknit, original Bainbridge by Mintyfresh

Needles: 3.75mm

Yarn: 8 plyPanda Magnum Soft in purple/plum

Man scarf for Christmas

This scarf is very VERY simple, but you will need to keep count of your rows to get even squares!

I used 6.5mm (US 10 1/2) needles and Moda Vera Mousse yarn (which is 10 or 12 ply), but I wouldn’t use this one again, as it leaves little bits of fluff all over my partner’s suit – maybe a straight wool next time.


Cast on 24 stitches

Row 1-5:  K4, P4
Row 6:  knit
Row 7-11:  P4, K4
Row 12: knit

Repeat until desired length – mine is 54 blocks long.

Gauge is not important, but if you feel the scarf is too narrow, then add more stitches in lots of 8, and if you feel it’s too wide, then reduce in lots of 8 – easy!

Update: This pattern also now features on http://www.squidoo.com/mens-patterns

iPhone sock

My brother requested an iPhone sock, and he wanted it to be plain and masculine, and no button. So taking the basic principle of “it’s a tube” and trial and error-ing until I had a firm tube for it to live in, here is my pattern:

  • 4ply yarn or cotton
  • 2.5mm needles

CO36 with the magic loop method/ sock toe method – http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/FEATmagiccaston.html

knit approx 50 rounds or until is the desired length

I finished with a rib of K3, P1 for 4 rows – this will stop the top rolling, and you can also use a second colour like I have.

The yarn I used was Sullivans 4ply mercerised cotton, so it has a slightly shininess to it, which is nice.

iphone sock

iphone sock

pretty little flowers all in a row

I’ve recently learned to crochet, but have been at a bit of a loss as to what to make – I had grand visions of amigurumi critters all over the place, but that hasn’t really worked out as yet. Although I did see this great tutorial on magic circle cast on (or the crochet version of casting on) which I plan to try out on a cute owl critter.

So I’ve decided on flowers as they make for great brooches and hairpins and generally are easier.

crochet flowers

crochet flowers

These flowers started from this pattern. Any of these could have a brooch pin or safety pin attached

First flower – pink and red:

Pinkish bit – this bit is basically the pattern from above:

  • Single chain 6, join up with the first to form a loop
  • Double chain twice into each chain, so now you have 12
  • Single chain 6, then double chain to join back to loop, on the second chain (leaves a chain gap in between)
  • Repeat until you have petals all the way around
  • cast off/ knot off

Second, red bit:

  • with a second colour double chain into one of the chain gaps
  • single chain 8, then double chain into the next gap between the pink petals
  • Continue until there are petals all around
  • cast off / knot off

I then added a few double chains in the centre so that I would have something to attach the beads to.

Second flower – blue and purple:

Is pretty much the same as the first, only that I decided to avoid the hole in the middle by starting with a smaller loop and doing an extra round of double chain before the petals

Third and fourth flowers – red and blue:

Coming soon, but there are three rounds of petals

  • single chain 6, join up with first chain to form a loop
  • Double chain twice into each chain, so now have 12
  • round 1 – 6 chains per petal, then attach back to main circle by every second chain
  • round 2 – 8 chains per petal, then attach back to main circle by every other second chain
  • round 3 – 10 chains per petal, and attach back to main circle in the chains used by round 1
  • cast off / knot off

Download my pattern: flower-brooches