bed sock misadventures

Bed socks are always a sexy addition to any household!

I’ve been experimenting with these – well, freestyling it mainly because I couldn’t be bothered with a pattern, and really, how hard can it be?

Hard, apparently.

The first sock  I did the sole first in an unimaginative red rectangle, and then maroon yarn around the sides. Had a bit of an issue with decreasing, and complicated matters further by adding in two decorative circles. This caused wierd lumps where I’ve tried to connect them to the main body of the sock. I’m sure there’s an easier, flatter way of joining two crocheted items, but at the moment I seem to be giving them a seam that raises above the two pieces.

bed sock #1

bed sock #1

It’s entirely likely that this sock will be unravelled or frogged, I think is the correct term.

The second is bright orange with maroon edges and much simpler than the first. Years ago I knitted baby booties in this kind of mishaped T pattern where you sew a seam up the back of the leg and the toe to ankle, and this is really just a much larger version – I think there were about 46 chains to begin with, decreased to 36 after the leg, and then decreased as my foot decreased in size.

It’s almost enough to send me back to knitting!

bed sock #2

bed sock #2


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